About us

Nice to meet you!

The Addison Oaks team is a passionate, dedicated team of people rallied around one goal, to END NF (#EndNF). Everything we do benefits those affected by Neurofibromatosis.

Paul Abbott, Race Director
Jenny Belanger, Food and Beverage Co-Director
Sheila Cohoon, NF Hero Champion & Director
Patty Collett, To be determined
Jess Doan, Assistant Race Director
Brian Eastman, Director Corporate Sponsorship
Kelly Eastman, Director of Recruitment and Participant Communications
Kristen Glazer, Director of Sponsorship
Traceann Rose, CTF NF Walk Program Director
Matthew Steffens, Aesthetic Director
Michael Steffens, Audio Director
Mary Ann Weitzel, Food & Beverage Co-Director
Christy Wheaton, Addison Oaks Event Chair
Donna Wheaton, Golfing 4 Good event Chair
Tim Wheaton, Logistics Director

We are always looking for volunteers and sponsors. If you would like to participate behind the scenes in some way, please feel free to reach out to us (email christywheaton@gmail.com) or fill out the form HERE and we will contact you.